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Creative Learning

Unleash your creativity by designing your own game and learn to code while you're at it. Programming is part of the technical world, but it requires creativity for innovative solutions.

Logical Thinking

Programming is a skill and it requires logical thought process. This course will improve your problem solving, and show you how to approach everyday things methodically.


You will get a chance to do all your own programming, from start to end. The learning process will be completely interactive; for every programming concept, you will develop a stage of your game.

Beginner Friendly

Don't worry if you've never done programming before. This course requires nothing but passion and enthusiasm. It is designed as an introductory program, the first
step for software development.

Quick To Start

The course uses Processing.js to introduce programming. A language that creates web-applications and doesn't require setting up any softwares. Just open your notepad and start typing.

Life Skills

In this day and age, where everyone is dependent on a computer, programming is a necessary skill. Know how your technology works so you can
be in control.

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